Monday, May 26, 2014

Top Ten Signs You Might Be An Antinomian

Amidst all the strife, its time for some theological humour.

Top Ten Signs You Might Be an Antinomian


Paul Washer checks your water tank, and doesn't think
you're crying enough tears over your sin.


You can't do a good impression of Stallone playing 
Judge Dredd when he says "I AM THE LAW!"


You show off your collection of Lutheran beer steins.


When your wife tells you to take out the trash, you
always say, "it is finished".  


The Sorting Hat (from the Harry Potter novels) names
you in the house of Slytherin.


You think plagiarism was a pandemic that died out 
with the Great Fire of London in 1666.


Using a time machine, you travel back to meet Dr.
Samuel Johnson and tell him "sin" really means "mistake"
for his "Dictionary of the English Language".


Todd Bentley is your marriage counselor.


You sell coloring books of Pelagius. 

And the number one sign you might be an Antinomian...

Your name is Mark Driscoll, or Stephen Furtick, or Ed Young, 
or CJ Mahaney, or Todd Bentley, or Gerhard Forde, or get the idea...


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