Tuesday, September 28, 2010


"And I surrender, all to you..."

This chorus has become a popular refrain in our modern worship services.

When I hear it, I sense the Law's condemnation, its thundering back at me that "you haven't surrendered, you have fallen short of the glory of God". For the sensitive Christian caught in the battle between flesh and Spirit, surrender can therefore be a dangerous catchword tearing down more than building up one's faith.

Until of course we look at surrender with a gospel framework in place. Realising that there is only one spotless, sinless Saviour who really did surrender all in perfect obedience to the Father. A Saviour who surrendered his divinity in His Incarnation so that He might surrender His blood as our atoning substitute.

Faced with Christ's perfection, we should not try to "storm the gates of heaven" with our imperfect, stumbling surrender which in the end does not justify us before a holy and righteous God. But rather trust in the surrender of Jesus who humbled himself, even to death on a cross (Phillippians 2:8).

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  1. Amen St Martin, Jesus surrendered perfectly for us and in grace credits it to our account.

    pax domini. †